Electronic addresses www.americadosol.org, www.institutoideal.org and www.selosolar.com.br are the websites of the Institute for Alternative Energy Development in Latin America (IDEAL), legal entity of private law, TIN 08680363 / 0001-27, headquartered at Rua Lauro Linhares, No. 2123, Building A, suite 411, Trindade, Florianópolis / SC, ZIP Code 88036-003.

Rules for user registration, in this case, suppliers, are provided in this term. Users, individuals or legal entities, are required to accept them.

These Terms and Conditions of Acceptance and Use can be modified at any time without notice, and such changes shall apply on the date they are published on the websites, the previous conditions being invalid.

 Content and Intellectual Property

Users understand and accept that Instituto IDEAL will do its best to ensure that information, materials, data, and virtual tools offered on this website are as up-to-date, accurate, and complete as possible, but that in no event shall Instituto IDEAL be liable for facts it is not exclusively accountable for concerning completeness, timeliness, accuracy, confidentiality, and use of such information, materials, data, and virtual tools.

Users understand and accept that, due to the particular Internet environment, Instituto IDEAL cannot warrant, represent, or guarantee that access to the website shall be free of errors or problems arising from internal or external incidents, force majeure or other events not entirely subject to the direct control of the website administrators. Therefore, users agree not to bring any claims against Instituto IDEAL relating to missed deadlines, interruptions, interceptions, invasions, virus dissemination or other unlawful acts, typical and atypical the virtual environment, which Instituto IDEAL has had no deliberate intention to practice or be a part of.

Users understand and accept that any texts, brands, audio file, image, or “CONTENT” published on www.americadosol.org, www.institutoideal.org, and www.selosolar.com.br websites are protected by intellectual property rights owned by Instituto IDEAL and / or its partners who authorized their dissemination, so these may not be copied, reproduced, or simply republished under any circumstances, unless expressly authorized by the holder of those rights, under penalty of civil prosecution and payment of moral and material damages.

Users understand and accept that Instituto IDEAL may make available on its website links to other websites and virtual addresses, but Instituto IDEAL cannot be held liable in respect of any of the services or features offered on these websites; users are exclusively responsible for their decision to use and interact with these websites, which also exempts the Instituto IDEAL from monitoring their content or ensuring the integrity of such websites or virtual addresses.

Supplier Registration and Privacy Policy

Suppliers are all legal entities that are active along the photovoltaic industry production chain, such as manufacturing, import, project development, installation of photovoltaic systems, and conducting training courses, duly registered and licensed by the relevant authorities to provide its specific services throughout the national territory.

Those who wish to register as vendors on this website shall fill out the form herein with personal information such as full name, TIN, branch of activity, e-mail address, address, among other. By sending the registration form to the institution database, you accept these terms and conditions of use in full; in particular, you allow users to access and use the data you provided.

Suppliers declares that all information provided is true, accurate, update, and complete, and shall be kept updated as long as they are registered as suppliers on this website; suppliers state they are aware that Instituto IDEAL is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

Suppliers shall be eighteen (18) years old or older and in full civil capacity to use the website and its resources; otherwise, suppliers shall have the permission of their parents or legal guardians. Legal entities shall be duly constituted.

Suppliers may request deletion of personal data provided through messaging for [email protected] email. After submission of your deletion request, the data provided will be aggregated for statistical purposes, and those that should be kept on record by law will be kept. In exceptional cases, such data and information may be provided to the competent authorities to cooperate with judicial investigations or proceedings, albeit preparatory and precautionary, as long as the law allows it.

By registering on the websites, suppliers agrees to receive direct mailings, e-mails, newsletters, and other communications exclusively from Instituto IDEAL, whose privacy policy establishes that all personal information received from users will not be disclosed to third parties.

User Registration

By registering on the websites, users agree to receive direct mailings, e-mails, newsletters, and other communications exclusively from Instituto IDEAL, whose privacy policy establishes that personal information received from users will not be disclosed to third parties.

Content Licenses

By submitting content and information to the site, including text, such as comments, discussion forums, communities, polls, surveys, photos, videos, and other materials, users agree to the use of these free of charge, nonexclusively, permanently, nationally and internationally, thus exonerating Instituto IDEAL from any kind of remuneration, compensation, retention, or indemnification. Omissions should not be construed as limitations to the use of content users send to websites.

If users disagree with the use of content uploaded to the website, which is permitted when the materials are uploaded, they must not upload their materials. Users should only submit original content and materials, of their own authorship or of which they own the copyright, which in turn, will be mentioned when posted on the websites.

Instituto IDEAL is not under any obligation of using content uploaded by users, but it is entitled to do so, even if this right is not enforced.

User Duties

The Instituto IDEAL website allows users to navigate its content and use the available resources for personal purposes. When using the website, users should not:

Disseminate illegal, offensive, or violent content, or anything that would violate the privacy of third parties;

Violate intellectual property rights of third parties;

Disseminate viruses or malicious computer code, files or programs designed to collect unauthorized data, interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the website, of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment in general (malware or spyware);

Mask or hide the IP (internet protocol) number that identifies his/her Internet connection;

Use any elements of the website(s) for commercial or advertising purposes, or in any other unauthorized form or in any way that does not represent its main purpose;

In case of violation of any of the terms and conditions of website use, we are entitled to block access to them, informing users that their account has been suspended.

General Conditions

Instituto IDEAL reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, configuration and availability of its websites.

Instituto IDEAL may at any time discontinue or cancel user access to its websites, in its sole discretion, due to use in disagreement with these terms and conditions, or for any other reason, including termination of its activities, being exempt from any liability to users.

The terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Acceptance and Use of the Website are governed by Brazilian law. In case of disagreement, the decision of Florianópolis Court shall prevail, expressly excluding any other.


For questions or problems related to the site, please contact us by email [email protected], or using the help link.