Instituto Ideal established in 2015 a partnership with Berthi Produção e Arte, director of the project Teatro a Bordo (Theatre on Board) for installation of a photovoltaic system capable of supplying the electrical demand of container-stage lighting equipment and consequently spread the clean technology .

The Teatro a Bordo travels around Brazil leading artistic interventions and free educational workshops for children and adults. With the support of laws to encourage culture, the project democratizes and decentralizes access to cultural diversity, reaching an average audience of 20 000 people a year, who can see the PV system in operation since September 2015.

The Ideal-Teatro a Bordo partnership was established on 16 July, when the directors of the project received training on solar photovoltaic, systems, technologies and their applicability to the container-stage. Also participated in the training in São Paulo, one of the directors from Cinesolar project, which contributed to the debate with the experience of the PV system installed and running.

To fulfill one of the Teatro a Bordo missions – show the benefits of solar photovoltaic technology to generate energy at the place of consumption without CO2 emissions and electric independence for mobile vehicle – the Ideal also provides educational material for public orientation that participates in the project activities.

Images: Berthi Produção/Toto Cottone