The energy source used to manufacture a product or lighten up an office is hidden from our eyes. As a consumer, how can you identify the source of the energy that lightens the aisles of the supermarket you go to or feeds the machinery of a factory just by looking at a product or the name of a company?

Eletricidade Solar

Project by Instituto Ideal and CCEE, supported by GIZ

The Solar Quality Label was created to materialize something that is not seen – electricity.

Consuming electricity produced from the sun is an innovative attitude, but still adopted only by few companies in Brazil. The main reason is the cost of technologies used for converting solar energy into electricity. For this reason, the Institute for Alternative Energy Development in Latin America (Instituto Ideal), in partnership with the Electric Energy Trading Chamber, created the Solar Quality Label to promote consumer awareness of companies that are currently investing in the energy of the future. The label also hopes to encourage the implementation of new projects in Brazil.

The Solar Label is awarded to companies or public and private institutions that consume a minimum annual value of solar electricity, which varies according to the total amount of energy consumed.

This division followed the tariff subgroups established by ANEEL Normative Resolution 414/2010, based on the voltage of the grid connection for each consumer unit. Thus, the major step for an institution to be able to request the use of solar quality Label is to check whether or not its consumption is appropriate for their size as a consumer company.

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