50 Telhados

The 50 Telhados project was launched by Instituto Ideal in December 2013 in order to publicize the distributed generation from photovoltaic source, thus highlighting REN 482/2012. The goal was to achieve this through the establishment of rooftop solar installation in different Brazilian cities, to be met by local installation companies.

Run locally by 14 installation companies, they aimed to install 50 photovoltaic roofs of 2 kWp and 100 kWp of installed total power until December 31, 2015.

At the launch of the project in December 2013, the Ideal Institute was meant to take you at least 20 Brazilian cities. At the end of 2014, the project has amounted to 32 cities. Due to changes in the regulation, in December 2015, we had 22 participating cities in 12 different states and different sizes in terms of population, with 12 capitals.

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Altogether, the project recorded 369 installed PV systems, totaling 2.38 MWp power with an estimated generation 3.62 GWh per year. Of the 22 participating cities, nine (9) reached the proposed goal, and most of the them made from the total installed capacity. Only two cities, Fortaleza (CE) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ), managed to install more than 50 roofs effectively. The other cities that reached the targeted goal were Florianópolis (SC), Salvador (BA), Santa Cruz do Sul (RS), Campo Grande (MS), Curitiba (PR), Luis Eduardo Magalhaes (Bahia) and Recife (PE).

The three states with the largest number of installed roofs were Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, each reaching more than 60 PV installations. In terms of installed capacity, in addition to these three states, it is worth noting Bahia, who took second place followed by Ceará.

Companies with the largest number of cities were Solar Energy do Brazil, participating in five cities of different states, and Enersol Brasil in four cities of Bahia. In terms of increased number of photovoltaic installations in a single city Satrix can be mentioned, having installed 63 solar roofs in Fortaleza, followed by the Solar Energy of Brazil (37 in Campo Grande and 33 in Rio de Janeiro), Solled Eficiência Energética (28 in Santa Cruz do Sul) and Araxá Energia Solar (22 in Florianópolis).

The installation companies that locally executed the project had public recognition and the benefits of disclosure provided by the Instituto Ideal on the project. Any engineering company and installation of photovoltaic systems connected to the grid could participate in the project as executing company if previously approved by the Institute, based on the accession criteria in the design of the Regulation, available on the project website.

The project was supported by the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development, through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Ranking of cities by installed capacity

PositionCityExecutor CompanyIstalled Capacity (kWp)Estimated Generation (MWh/year)Roofs number
1FortalezaDya Energia Solar e Satrix Energias Renováveis46274865
2Rio de JaneiroPrátil, Solar Energy do Brasil e Solarize Serviços em Tecnologia Ambiental31244752
3FlorianópolisAraxá Energia Solar19626422
4SalvadorAxitec do Brasil e Enersol Brasil19030823
5Santa Cruz do SulEnergia Própria e Solled Eficiência Energética17626129
6Campo GrandeSolar Energy do Brasil16525937
7Luis Eduardo MagalhãesEnersol Brasil15425414
8Curitiba3B Energy, Elco Engenharia de Montagens e Solar Energy do Brasil15120229
9RecifeSatrix Energias Renováveis14323110
10Porto AlegreEnergia Própria7410919
11Venâncio AiresSolled Eficiência Energética59835
12Governador ValadaresSeltec Soluções Elétricas e Tecnológicas507511
13Teófilo OtoniSeltec Soluções Elétricas e Tecnológicas487714
14LajeadoEnergia Própria46689
15BúziosPrátil e Solar Energy do Brasil33458
16CuiabáSolar Energy do Brasil29464
17BarreirasEnersol Brasil26442
18VitóriaBVK Engenharia18265
19Belo HorizonteDya Energia Solar14214
20Porto SeguroEnersol Brasil13211
21NatalDya Energia Solar12163
22PetrópolisPrátil, Solarize Serviços em Tecnologia Ambiental e Solstício Energia9123
Total geral23773616369